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Lace wigs are made with Indian Remy or other fine grades of virgin hair extensions sale. Other types include Chinese or Mongolian Remy Hair. The hair is also hand tied to the base strand by strand and takes about 25 days to produce one unit. There are several different types of lace wigs uk on the market. The main difference in all of them will be the cap construction, the type of full lace wigs uk used, the type of hair used to make it as well as the method used to make it as I discussed earlier. As far as cap construction there are human hair extensions sale with stretch and so forth. Full lace wigs are the best. Full lace wigs are made on a brazilian hair uk and are the ones that can be styled in any way, parted anywhere, and worn in a high ponytail. Lace Front wigs only have lace in the front and they are made regular in the back.

Femina, 2006 Collection Funkier, Summer 06 Versace Israel, Summer 06 OXYGEN, Winter 05/06 Irit, Winter 05/06
Versace Israel, Winter 05/06 Nana Baila, Paris - Winter 05/06 Lea Gottlieb 2006 Ferera Jeans OXYGEN, Summer 05
Kavim 2005 Irit, Summer 05 Hell's Angel Hipertin 2005 Eric mayost
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